Trends in Alumni Relations and Advancement in the Post-Pandemic Era

Updated 2021 This whitepaper updates The Napa Group’s regular insights on Alumni Relations and on Advancement over the past several years. Now that the intense phase of the COVID-19 pandemic is subsiding, new data can be coupled with previous trends to provide a high-level view of trends in these organizations. As we wrote in January

New Book: Teresa Flannery’s Post-COVID Roadmap for University Marketers

For university marketing professionals – and for the presidents for whom they work – the Covid-19 pandemic changed everything. That’s the conclusion of Dr. Teresa Flannery, who was in the midst of writing her book, How to Market a University, when the pandemic swept over the world and forced instantaneous change on higher education. “The

Emerging from COVID-19: The new (hybrid) workplace – and campus?

As more arms get vaccinated and society creaks open its doors to a semblance of normalcy, workers and organizations are considering how, when and if they should return to their shuttered offices and classrooms. First, there’s no one answer, just as there’s no one type of industry. Clearly, many professions have successfully shifted to a

Digital Transformation in University Communications & Marketing

DOWNLOAD PDF Events of the past seven months have leapfrogged consumer behaviors ahead 10 years. The digital laggards – people who were slow to embrace digital engagement, communication and shopping – have become relatively experienced practitioners. They learned quickly to go digital when that became the only way to stay connected and informed during the

The Remote Workforce: A Quick Guide to Staying Engaged While Avoiding Zoom Fatigue

Worldwide, organizations and employees together underwent a major upheaval of routines, management processes and collaboration methods when remote work became the prevailing business model at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Nearly five months in, new routines have taken root and each day at home is now business as usual. But without the critical touchstones

Platform Business Models – Considerations for Organizational Redesign

Implementing a platform business model, in contrast to a vertically integrated organization, centers on a dynamic platform directed at the customer experience. This has impacts on the entire organization with respect to key functions (such as sales, marketing, communications, IT and analytics) as well as their alignment and governance. While “digital” is often the reason

What Organizations Are Doing Now to Manage Change Effectively: 7 Pillars for Coping with Covid-19

In a crisis, let purpose and strategy be your “go to” pillars. The Covid-19 pandemic has forced organizations to move quickly to redesign work, home and social interactions in real time, choose priorities and accelerate change at warp-speed. This crisis challenges the very pillars on which we’ve built our universities, Advancement organizations, schools, businesses and