Why “Business Continuity Planning” Has New Urgency for Universities

OVERVIEW With the advent of increased natural disaster frequency, prevalence of cyber-attacks, and a global pandemic (COVID-19) that has plunged global marketplaces into precarious territory, organizations have more reason than ever to plan for unanticipated threats to their ability to conduct business and keep personnel and assets protected. Colleges and universities are no exception. Not

Software Programs for Virtual Team Management:  Popular Options

Before the CoronaVirus (COVID-19) outbreak, many companies were already operating with a remote workforce, but the traditional office environment remained the de facto way to conduct business. Now that people in cities and countries across the globe are quarantined for the foreseeable future, companies that previously may not have had much understanding of how to

Strategies to Effectively Manage Virtual Teams and Maintain Productivity

OVERVIEW Companies with a global presence and offices and remote workers in multiple countries face a variety of challenges in maintaining productivity to ensure outcomes while managing employees and teams in multiple locations. Today, as organizations of all sizes transition rapidly to remote work, lessons from these organizations can help leapfrog them into the new

Higher Education 2020: Top Trends Overview

As U.S. higher education starts a new decade, several critical issues are driving decision making at most colleges and universities. And, as we wrote four years ago in our white paper, Public Higher Education 2016: Overview of Top Issues, colleges and universities continue to try to solve these issues one institution at a time. A

Trends and Best Practices in University Foundations

Known as Institutionally Related Foundations (IRFs), affiliated university foundations currently are formed and charged in various organizational and governance structures ranging from those focused only on endowment and resource investment to an evolving high-level integration with their university partners. Under all models, IRFs strive to secure predictable resources. As state legislatures decrease or hold the

Dean’s Interview – Public Health Care Needs and How Oregon State Acted

Spotlight: “Strategic Plan Q and A” with F. Javier Nieto, MD, PhD, MPH and Dean of Oregon State University College of Public Health and Human Sciences We talked with Dean Nieto about his vision and strategic planning exercise for Oregon State’s College of Health and Human Sciences and the result: Health and Well-Being for All: