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Experience Matters! The Napa Advantage

The Napa Group helps educational institutions, nonprofits and businesses develop and communicate the right strategies, using the right people and the right systems, for competitive advantage and sustained success.

New thinking: Our innovative methodologies, market insights and expertise in enterprise integration help you respond to the changing expectations of your customers.

Pragmatic and values-driven: Our experience in business translates into focus, priority-setting and execution in mission-driven organizations.

Interactive and highly engaging: Our collaborative planning process joins leaders and stakeholders while building buy-in and community.

Out in front of change: We are agile problem-solvers ready to partner with you and create custom solutions for your goals and aspirations.


We partner with executives, senior leaders and their stakeholders for engaging, interactive planning that builds custom solutions, buy-in, resource plans, implementation roadmaps, metrics and dashboards. Our signature strategic planning model, coupled with our new practice area in enterprise strategic communications, positions organizations for measurable value and tangible results.


We bring new thinking to prepare your team for the future with relevant skill sets, capabilities and shared purpose. We equip executives and boards to foster collaboration, problem solving and new ideas that increase performance and satisfaction and promote alignment and a culture of agility.

Organizational Design

We work with leaders and managers to reimagine structures and systems that strengthen customer loyalty and commitment. Our innovative “platform engagement strategy for higher education” streamlines audience interactions across the enterprise for higher value relationships with your programs, services and people.


Our unique practice advising colleges, universities, independent schools and educational associations supports leaders as they shape and implement the right strategies, using the right people and systems, for competitive advantage and sustainable success.



Our counsel to entrepreneurial and emerging growth companies promotes alignment, integration, rigorous management practices, improved partnerships with boards and timely solutions in response to changing customer expectations.



We incorporate best practices and market-driven intelligence for custom solutions and transformative, value-added relationships with diverse stakeholders and the broader community.



Our deep expertise as practitioners and consultants in alumni relations, fundraising and strategic communications and marketing brings game-changing innovation to this expanding arena of critical importance to institutional success.