What are best practices in alumni advocacy?

Alumni association advocacy programs harness alumni support for the university’s federal and state legislative Alumni lend value to these efforts by making the university more visible to elected officials in their districts and by informed communication with elected officials about issues that impact the university and its budget. It is a common practice for alumni

Making a Difference: Alumni Associations Rally on Behalf of Higher Education

It’s budget season, and educated alumni from public universities around the U.S. are letting their state legislators know what they think. The theme is pervasive – regional and national economic progress and the United States’ competitive global position are directly dependent on an educated workforce. In this 2011 legislative session, alumni whose lives and careers

Alumni Association Funding Models: Summary Findings from 20 Universities

Final Report of Findings, November, 2010 Conducted by The Napa Group and PEG, LTD PROJECT OVERVIEW As university and alumni association funding resources become tighter and continue to change, one of the front-burner questions today is: “What is the best funding model for our alumni relations activities?” Traditional options includes dues, service fees, university or

Individual Talent Will Reshape the New Workforce

“If a window of opportunity appears, don’t pull down the shade.” Tom Peters While much uncertainty remains in the post-recession economy, one trend is clear. Many previous jobs will not exist again as companies resist returning to “what was” and, instead, invest in flexible staffing approaches to optimize productivity. They are augmenting core fulltime staff

Rethinking Volunteerism as a Workforce Growth Strategy

The financial belt-tightening caused by the recession is forcing nonprofits, from large universities to community organizations, to review their workforce strategies. Already there are plenty of examples of hiring freezes, salary caps and reconsideration of open positions. It seems that these fixed “people costs” are always the first to go. While they may be the