BizFlow’s New Brand Supports Strategic Repositioning

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BizFlow, which delivers Business Process Management (BPM) solutions, has announced a new tag line, “Be Efficient,” to advance its overall corporate brand. “We wanted to send a clear, succinct, message to customers about the value proposition we bring to the marketplace,” the company announced. “Our people matched with our great technology solve complex business processing challenges faster, with great precision, while driving significant value to the bottom line.“

Since 1998, BizFlow Corp. has focused on developing business process management suite (BPMS) and case management software for rapidly designing and implementing enterprise solutions. However, in 2013, the company made a strategic decision to collaborate more closely with customers throughout the entire lifecycle of business process transformation. Its current advisory and system integration services incorporate a cycle of strategy, innovation, implementation and optimization phases of business transformation.

BizFlow’s clients include insurance, health care, government, higher education and other sectors. Customers use BizFlow BPM software for transforming and automating processes related to Human Resources, Finance, IT, Operations, Compliance, Marketing and Legal functions.

During BizFlow’s two-year repositioning, The Napa Group facilitated strategic planning activities with the Board of Directors and BizFlow executive leadership; the focus was to articulate and build alignment around a new three-year vision for “BizFlow 2018” accompanied by product, marketing and organizational strategies to drive significant growth. The company determined that it would not only be defined by analyst categories or market segments, but rather by its distinctive, market-leading services and an organizational culture defined as “The BizFlow Way.” This distinctive methodology creates true enterprise partnerships with clients that enable timely business solutions, and with significant cost savings. So business functions that once took days are now execute digitally in seconds.

The Napa Group’s assessment of what it would take to achieve the three-year objectives evaluated the competitive landscape and guidelines for market strategy and revenue goals. Additionally, our analysis of organizational imperatives to facilitate these objectives for processes, structures, talent and board design informed implementation steps, along with our counsel during the transition campaign.

All this came at a time of growth and changing market dynamics across the business process management (BPM) software, cloud middleware and enterprise service provider market segments. The movement to the cloud and the potential for growth-oriented, customer-focused BPM has placed pressure on traditional software sales, product development and pricing models. BizFlow’s movement toward systems integration has been directed at delivering more value to customers and expanding its ability to help clients meet challenges as they transform for the modern digital business world. This includes financial services, manufacturing and energy. In higher education, its processes have facilitated curriculum change management, order processing and contracting and vendor management.