6-Phase Planning Model and Strategy Map

What are Strategic Results?

The Napa Group’s proven 6-Step Planning Model is a facilitated process that produces strategic solutions and an implementation roadmap to sustain change.
  • We sharpen attention to each organization’s mission and bring smart business principles to colleges, universities, advancement organizations and C-suites.
  • We know how to break through organizational silos and engage the talent of your people – your most valuable resource – to take ownership for results with a vested interest in the outcome.

Our 6-Step process:

  1. Begins with an organizational analysis (internal assessment and external scan)
  2. Creates a compelling vision
  3. Produces realistic strategic solutions, informed by data and analytics, with alignment, shared responsibility and accountability
  4. Engages process owners and subject experts in assessing, validating and creating the blueprint for multi-year activities
  5. Drives business planning focused on resource development for strategic solutions aligned with annual budgets and operating plans
  6. Builds an adaptive implementation plan that guides, tracks, measures and reports milestones, accomplishments and accountability and produces annual refreshing of goals and objectives

By applying the tools critical to real results, we:

  • Engage executive teams and boards to foster collaboration and overcome obstacles that could impede action
  • Provide opportunities for constituents and stakeholders to influence results, partner for solutions and build momentum to accomplish a shared vision
  • Support implementation with a strategic blueprint that defines ongoing decisions, processes and communications
  • Establish a roadmap for adaptive implementation to adjust and periodically refresh your plan

Adaptive Implementation

Strategic Results arise from a continuous cycle to plan, implement and refresh. Our short Adaptive Implementation process assists clients in updating strategic plans annually. Such agility makes way for redirecting or repurposing initiatives, taking advantage of new opportunities and staying on track despite changes in staff, infrastructure, revenues or market projections. At the end of 5-year planning cycles, this approach also positions organizations to jumpstart the next phase of formal planning processes. Contact us to keep your plans fresh and relevant...